Shared To-Do list
for Teams.

Team's tasks for today,
shared as they go.
Team's tasks for today, shared as they go.
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시간을 아끼는 업무 공유 방식으로
비즈니스 경쟁력을 확보하세요

Maximize team productivity
with shared To-Do list hoy

Objectives reminded everyday

Align Goals with Individual Tasks

Set team objectives and link individual tasks. Foster collaboration for consistent outcomes.

Simple and easy integrations

Connected with Slack
and Google calendar

✓ Manage tasks and schedules seamlessly
with integrated platforms.
✓ Enhance productivity and streamline scheduling.

업무 관리

한 눈에 확인하는
우리 조직의 한 달

매일의 업무 히스토리

순간 순간의 보고를 넘어,
일상의 모든 업무 기록을 데이터로 남겨보세요.

생산성 대시보드


오늘이 지나면 다시 돌아보지 않던 데일리스크럼,
생산성 대시보드를 통해 한 달을 돌아보고 한 걸음 더 성장해요.


업무 관리
호이 하나로 해결하세요

Slack, Google 캘린더 연동


산발되어 있는 모든 할 일
호이에서 한번에 관리하세요.

모바일 웹, 앱


장소 관계없이 어디서든
할 일을 관리할 수 있어요.

Time saving & effortless work sharing

Team daily tasks
at a glance.

Create tasks on your to-do list
and the tasks will be shared
with your team members.
Make groups to find your frequent
co-workers at one page,
check their today’s work, 

what they have prioritized
in their daily plans.

Communication in an agile way

All communications
on the to-dos.

Request a task to teammate and
the task card will be created on the teammate’s to-do list as it is accepted.
All team members can comment
on each to-do cards, get notified
when others comment or
the tasks are completed.

Simple and easy integrations

Connected with Slack
and Google calendar

Bring Google calendar schedules
into to-do list, or time block
your calendar for new tasks.
Share your daily plannings and task completions to Slack just by a click.

Objectives reminded everyday

Clearly aligned
daily tasks & objectives

Set your weekly or monthly objectives,
and create daily tasks need to be done to achieve the objectives. Monitor yours and your team members daily progress of each objectives.

Trusted by  300+ agile teams

해야할 일을 작성하지 않아 놓치거나, 미뤄덨던 일이 기억나지 않은 적이 있나요?

팀원들의 업무 상황을 파악하지 못해 프로젝트의 마감을 맞추지 못한 적이 있나요?

매니저로서 팀원의 할 일을 파악하기 위해 매번 직접 물어보진 않나요?

메신저로 오늘 할 일을 공유하여 업무파악이 힘들었던 경험이 있나요?

다양한 협업 툴을 사용해 보았지만 복잡한 기능들로 어려웠던 적이 있나요?

Save time on task sharing,
focus on
making things done.

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